This section lists the names of companiesthat join For Textile certification Systems

Processing carried out by contractors, products made by companies with certified products and contacts of For Textile Companies are the following

Achille Pinto Spa

Reasearch and development of textile collections. Finishing of fabric for clothing. Design and production of scarves, fabrics and other textile accessories. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242871

Allchital spa


qualified company
Qualification n IT271150


Company founded in 2001 and specialized in silk yarn manufacturing (...)

certified company
Certification n IT245221

Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio di Frontini G. & C. Sas

Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio Finishing  was born in the early 70's and is present in the textile district of Como as a SERI.CO Certified Company.The strength of finishing is the result of a careful interpretation of fashion and its ever-changing (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242951

Artestampa SRL

Artestampa has been producing ties, scarves, foulards for the clothing, furnishing and textile accessory sectors since 1962.It deals with natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, with a production that has an unmistakable artisan imprint. (...)


BBC Jacquard is a weaving company specialized in the production of very high quality jacquard fabric for neckties. The leading article is the necktie jacquard fabric, created in 100% silk. BBC Jacquard offers a wide range of inkjet and traditional (...)

certified company
Certification n 63

Canepa spa

The Canepa group is a world leader in high-end silk manufacture, a position augmented by its production of supreme quality textiles made from other natural fibers. The process of weaving, finishing and producing the finished garment is entirely (...)

certified company
Certification n 724599

C.E.L. SRL Unipersonale


certified company
Certification n IT243320

Clerici Tessuto & C. spa

Fondata nel 1922, Clerici Tessuto è oggi una delle più importanti realtà tessili mondiali per il settore del lusso, con le sue linee di abbigliamento donna e uomo, accessorio e arredamento. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT 243238

Clerici Tintoria Filati srl


certified company
Certification n 67


Color Como attends to dyeing and finishing, as commitioner, of mainly silky fabrics, but also of fabrics in natural, artificial and blended fibers, except synthetic fibers.The Company is equipped with classical, but new generation, machinery (...)

certified company
Certification n IT243566

Colour’s Company srl

Colour’s Company was established in 1985 with the aim of making textile products for clothing purposes.A product to be created exclusively with a close collaboration with the customers.The most appropriate fabric and printing technique (...)

certified company
Certification n IT300585



certified company
Certification n IT245437

CPL Prodotti Chimici srl

CPL is a certified ISO 9001 Italian company with 50 years of experience in textile market.It develops, produces and markets a wide range of approved GOTS or BLUESIGN and high-quality products for the textile industry.It’s specialized in (...)

certified company
Certification n 03/2022

Effepierre SPA

Effepierre SPA offers printed, plain and yarn-dyed fabrics manufactured with a wide range of natural and artificial fibres.The company is constantly developing new ideas, pertaining to design and to techniques of weaving, colouring, printing (...)

certified company
Certification n IT246285

Ellebi srl

Fondata nel 1974, si occupa di stampa su tessuti, per una clientela medio-alta,  spaziando da tessuti a navetta, a maglia o jersey.La nsostra produzione è indirizzata principalmente ai settori dell’abbigliamento, dell’accessorio, (...)

certified company
Certification n IT269655

Emme srl

The company philosophy is aimed at the highest quality, continuing the tradition of table printing and combining it with the innovation of digital printing, so as to be able to offer its customers the maximum in terms of reliability, respecting (...)

certified company
Certification n IT275049


Encos Srl born in 1985. Since the beginning, we were specialized in manufacturing sulphur and in supplying dyes for dyeing. (...)

qualified company
Qualification n IT274120

Filanda Fratelli Serlini spa

Filanda F.lli Serlini S.p.A., having its roots since the mid-nineteenth century, is Leader in the Italian and International silk market. It is specialized in the production of raw, twisted and dyed pure silk and blended yarns and raw and degummed (...)


Finisscomo operates in the textile sector as a fabrics ennoblement, cooperating with the main companies producing or trading in the local area. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT247257

Fratelli Vitali di Roberto spa


certified company
Certification n IT 242913


Production of greige and yarn dyed fabrics made of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers for outerwear, clothing and accessories.We offer our customers a wide variety of yarns, colors, structures and productive solutions as a basis for the (...)

certified company
Certification n IT281899

Larioseta spa

Established in 1945 has become one of the leading Company in Como for the supply of woman & man fashion accessories, offering a wide range of products such as scarfs & stoles.Since its establishment, the Company has focus its core vision (...)

certified company
Certification n IT243603

Orefice & C. sas

We started as a small family-run specialized laboratory in 1925 and, four generations later , we have become a leading company in the sector.We specialize in yarn-dyed fabric finishing on ties, apparel, bags and accessories: knowhow in craftsmanship (...)

certified company
Certification n IT 245198

Ostinelli Seta Spa

Ostinelli Seta, founded in 1970, used to produce textile accessories and fabrics for swimwear, following the silk tradition of Como. In 1988 Luigi Bianchi, family’s new generation, joined the company to then take over the property in 1999, (...)

certified company
Certification n IT293692


Founded in 1945, today Ratti is one of the major players in the printing of fine and natural fabrics, where the structures, machineries and systems represent the most innovative and specialized in the sector. Within this context, Ratti has embarked (...)

certified company
Certification n IT 280458


Seride is an avant-guard company of the textile industry, in particular into the printed fabrics for clothing segment. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242898

Seterie Argenti spa


certified company
Certification n IT243501

SSI stamperia serica italiana spa

La S.S.I. Stamperia Serica Italiana è una delle ultime aziende di nobilitazione nata nella provincia di Como (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242983

Stamperia di Cassina Rizzardi spa

Stamperia di Cassina Rizzardi Spa da oltre 30 anni svolge l’attività di nobilitazione di tessuti per abbigliamento in due stabilimenti con una forza lavoro di 180 persone; uno in Cassina Rizzardi (Co), dove si effettuano le lavorazioni (...)

certified company
Certification n 64

Stamperia di Lipomo spa

L'azienda tratta e nobilita la principale fibra del distretto, la seta, la quale occupa circa il 15/25% della produzione.Come testimoniano gli importanti flussi dedicati agli investimenti, l'impresa sostiene le proprie strategie competitive (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242968

Stil SRL

Stamperia Stil was founded in 1959 as a printing and finishing company, born as a silk printing factory over the years it has developed and strengthened its skills and expertise both in terms of quality and service on multiple types of fabric (...)

certified company
Certification n IT 295606

Successori Giuseppe Cattaneo spa

Founded in 1892 in Como (Italy), Successori Giuseppe Cattaneo S.p.A. is a leading company in the production of raw silk fabrics and is a reference point in the international silk market. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT245200

Taroni Spa

Taroni – The art of silkFounded in 1880 in the heart of Como, Taroni has been the leading source of couture silk fabrics.Our deep-routed relationships with the major fashion houses is a tribute to our dedication to quality and customer (...)

certified company
Certification n IT283677

Teseo S.p.a.

TESEO, Tessitura Serica di Olmeda, is a weaving mill from Como with a history,tradition and experience stretching over almost a century. In line with the true "Made in Italy" excellence, thanks to its in-house Mill, (...)

certified company
Certification n IT246228


“ TESSILE Srl “ is a company working in the textile industry for over 25 years and which has moved forward by increasing its output.   (...)

certified company
Certification n IT243985



certified company
Certification n IT243009

Tessitura Taborelli

Tessitura Serica A.M.Taborelli, born in 1895, is today one of Europe's largest textiles. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT271965

Texal SPA

TEXAL is an Italian textile company specialised in the production of medium and high-end silk fabrics formenswear, womenswear and accessories. TEXAL today produces jacquard, plain and fil-coupé silk fabrics, with natural and artificial (...)

certified company
Certification n 39 04 1172109

TFL Tintoria Finissaggio di Luisago srl

TFL è una tintoria specializzata in tessuti composti da fibre naturali e/o artificiali ed in mischia sintetiche. Attenti all’aspetto ecologico lavoriamo ogni giorno per mantenerci leader nel mercato (...)

certified company
Certification n IT243570

TI.F.A.S spa

La ns. azienda, fondata nel 1972, si occupa principalmente della tintura e del finissaggio di tessuti catena/trama in fibre artificiali e sintetiche (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242977


Since 1982 Tintseta has had an important presence in Como’s textile industry. Tintseta has been able to face the quick changes and development of fabrics and fibres.The group can provide a full service of manufacturing and textile processing, (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242817


MCM has been excelling for more than thirty years in the dyeing and finishing of silk and mixed fabrics for top fashion brands. Distinctive technical and organizational capabilities allow fabrication of fabrics that meet all quality requirements (...)

certified company
Certification n IT245507

Tintoria e Stamperia di Lambrugo spa

The company was founded in 1945 originally as an activity of silk-throwing. In 1956 it became a dyery and printwork factory and today it is considered among the most qualified in providing textile processing, mainly on behalf of third parties. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT245508



certified company
Certification n IT245165

Tintoria la Serena s.r.l.

Tintoria La Serena srl is working in the textile market for more than 50 years.The core business is the dyeing of yarn on skeins or spools for third parties.TLS is located nearby Como and it is strictly linked to its famous silk district.The (...)

certified company
Certification n IT 269944

Tintoria Lariana srl

Tintoria Lariana srl is one of the oldest companies in comasco, founded in 1938. It is specialized in the silk dyeing , acetate and its mixtures, velvet, wool / silk, viscose, with particular attention to the elasticized world. . (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242974

Tintoria P.A. Jacchetti srl

Tintoria Jacchetti is recognized on the market as a company that is environmentally aware and in advance of compliance with the regulations governing the use of chemicals. Over time, it has implemented every existing tutorial system in order (...)

certified company
Certification n IT242866

Tintoria Pecco & Malinverno SPA

Tintoria Pecco & Malinverno has been founded December 3rd, 1945, and is one of the oldest dyeing companies in Como specialized in the nobilitation of thread and fabrics of noble fibers such as silk. (...)

certified company
Certification n IT 246833

Tintseta SRL

Tintseta S.r.l was born in 1982 as a Dyeing and Finishing company in the Como’s textile district. Its core business was the treatment of silk and it soon expanded to many other fabric treatments to face the rapid market transformation (...)

certified company
Certification n IT245436