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TEXAL is an Italian textile company specialised in the production of medium and high-end silk fabrics for
menswear, womenswear and accessories. TEXAL today produces jacquard, plain and fil-coupé silk fabrics, with natural and artificial fibres, yarn-dyed and undyed, stretch and non-stretch, also in full field, offering an extremely flexible customisation service to meet all customer requirements.

Founded in 1980 as the result of the evolution of a small family-run artisan weaving mill, TEXAL has grown over time and has established itself as a textile company for the medium-high market segment, focusing on the quality of the product and raw materials, the high level of service offered to the customer and attention to market trends.

Thanks to continuous investments in the latest generation of machinery, TEXAL now has a production capacity of over one million metres of fabric per year and a fleet of over fifty looms and warping machines, all networked and monitored with the new management programmes, designed to continuously improve production and service.
To offer its customers a more comprehensive service and to follow all stages of fabric finishing, the company has recently acquired a stake in a fabric dyeing and finishing company.

TEXAL has always placed human capital at the heart of its business model. Based on this approach, we have embarked on a journey to develop greater sustainable awareness. We believe that only a global approach, embracing environmental, social and economic aspects, can lead to true sustainability in the textile industry.
In line with these principles, we make choices that reduce the environmental impact of our production activities, minimise consumption, design and produce fabrics that, thanks to the raw materials used and the way they are processed, reduce their impact on the environment.
We are committed to eliminating, where technically possible and truly 'sustainable', hazardous substances or limiting their concentration and use while waiting for technically viable alternatives, dialoguing, and cooperating with raw material
suppliers to share and respect social and environmental standards. We are also committed to improving and rationalising existing creative and production processes and to stimulating innovation and research.
We operate with respect for the health of workers and consumers and with full respect for human rights, supporting policies of quality of work, inclusion, qualification of employees, enhancement of skills and dialogue with the community in which we operate.

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