About Seri.co

Seri.co is a product and process certification system based on a Disciplinary the application of which – by Companies - is intended to provide the highest guarantees:

  • on the production process in accordance with the principles of quality, environment, health and   safety, sustainability, social responsibility and chemical risk management
  • on the textile product, both for technological and performance properties and for eco toxicological properties
  • on the chemical / formulation / dye for eco toxicological properties

A certification that assures the quality and the health and safety requirements of the textile product and the production system from which the product is born.

Quality of Seri.co product

Seri.co guarantees that the product's quality is in accordance with strict specifications that ensure a correct performance to stress during the use and to care treatments.

Product’s Health and Safety

Seri.co guarantees that the fabrics do not contain or release harmful substances to health of consumer, and therefore they meet the demands of the market that requires safe textiles that give confidence to the consumer.

Company’s quality

An evolved market, as it is today, requires products manufactured in compliance with precise ethical, social and environmental codes that become a recognized guarantee.

Seri.co integrates some of the most important requirements of the quality system management (ISO 9001), of environment management (ISO 14001), of safety management (ISO 45001) and social responsibility (SA 8000 Standard), with the aim to obtain a textile product qualitatively characterized and with controlled properties.

The feautures

Made in Italy

In order to safegurad the silk italian products (that is made with silk or continuous filaments) and their quality and creativity traditions, recognized round the world, the Seri.co Certification is delivered exclusively to companies with registered and productive office in Italy; the certified textiles and accessories have undergone at least two qualifying processes in Italy.

Social Responsibility requirements

The Seri.co Certified Companies apply a correct social procedure relative to the social rights of their internal workers and expect the same from their suppliers.

Ethical requirements

The Seri.co Certified Companies are engaged in abstaining from incorrect ethical behaviour such as copying other’s textiles or designes, exploiting patented processes, counterfeiting trademarks, the use of any untrue indications or anything at all to deceive users.

Environment, health and safety requirements  

The Seri.co Certified Companies operate according to the requirements of sound environmental and workers’ health and safety practices in observing the regulations applicable to the processes and manufacturing carried out.

Product and processing traceability

The Seri.co Certified Companies adopt a traceability system that allows traceability of the product, otherwise, the capability to reconstruct the "history" of the product, from sending to customer, to undergone processes, to suppliers involved in manufacturing processes, to used raw materials.

Who grants the Seri.co’s Certification and Qualification?

The Seri.co’s Certification is issued by TÜV Rheinland Italia, Independent Certification Body, under a specific mandate given by Centro Tessile Serico Sostenibile, owner and brand manager.

TÜV Rheinland Italia, during an initial audit of the applicant company, ensures compliance with the Certification Requirements (contained in the Disciplinary and the Seri.co Technical Cards) and decides on the issue of the Certification.

The Seri.co Qualification (applicable to companies producing or marketing chemicals, formulations and dyes) is also entrusted to Centro Tessile Serico Sostenibile.

The certification process offers the maximum guarantee of impartiality and transparency.