How to join

What’s the process of Certification achieving

To obtain the Certification, the company, that manufactures/markets textile products or processing under contract on textile products, must verify that it meets the quality management requirements, environmental, health and safety requirements, the requirements of social and ethical responsibility, the product and processing traceability requirements contained in the Disciplinary, for the part applicable to it.

If the company also wants to certify its products (finished fabrics or accessories that fall into one of the product types that have a Technical Card), it must verify that the product complies with the qualitative requirements of the Technical Cards no. 1 ÷ 23.

Each Company (contractor or with certified product) must also verify, for the part applicable to it, that it complies with eco-toxicological (process and product) requirements of Technical Card no. 24.

In doing so, a Certification Application has to be submitted to Bureau Veritas Italia, which conducts an initial audit of the Company and, after using the certification, conducts annual audits.

What’s the process of Qualification achieving

To obtain the Qualification, the Company that manufactures or markets chemicals, formulations and / or dyes, must verify that it complies with the requirements set out in Annex 6 of the Disciplinary and into Technical Card no. 24, for the part applicable to it.

In doing so, a Qualification Application has to be submitted to Bureau Veritas Italia, which conducts an initial audit of the Company and, after issuing the qualification, conducts annual audits.

Which role has the Centro Tessile Serico

The Centro Tessile Serico is the owner and manager of the mark; it coordinates and enforces the mark management and promotion plans, approved by Companies.

CTS updates the Certification System documents (Disciplinary and Technical Cards) and make them available to Companies through publication on the site, in a Restricted Area of the site of CTS.

CTS provides ongoing updating of the Reach Regulation, by making available to Companies the forms for Clients / Suppliers in the Restricted Area of the site.

CTS provides technical information and assistance to companies interested in the Certification and / or Qualification.

The CTS laboratories support the Companies by performing tests on textile products being certified.

Centro Tessile Serico joins to ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals)

From October 2016, Centro Tessile Serico, with the Companies, joined the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Program (ZDHC), becoming an Associate Contributor.

This allows the CTS and the Certification System to actively collaborate with all stakeholders, and in particular with the  fashion brand subscribers, to the ZDHC Program.

In this way, supports good chemicals management practices within the textile industry in order to eliminate the use of hazardous substances and to reduce, as far as possible, diffusion in the field of different standards.

The Centro Tessile Serico participates in the work of various technical committees established by ZDHC, collaborating with their own experience and competences at an international table.

Join to ZDHC is a major step forward for Companies, who will have to continue to commit themselves to carrying out a common process evaluation and management process, eliminating and replacing chemicals, but will be able to better deal with market demands, making visible the effort made in recent years by