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Centro Tessile Serico is a nonprofit, public-private join stock company, offering support services on production activities in the textile-clothing system.

Our Services


The Laboratory is able to carry out tests related to qualitative and quantitative parameters of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, chemicals used in the textile industry, water and industrial wastewater.


Guide to the technical specifications management

“Technical specifications helpdesk” is a training and assistance service to support companies in understanding, verifying and managing about technical and/or eco-toxicological specifications required by brands and customers.


Materials Ministerial Homologation - D.M. 26.06.1984

About Seri.co

Seri.co is a product and process certification system based on a Disciplinary the application of which – by Companies - is intended to provide the highest guarantees:

  • on the production process in accordance with the principles of quality, environment, health and   safety, sustainability, social responsibility and chemical risk management
  • on the textile product, both for technological and performance properties and for eco toxicological properties
  • on the chemical / formulation / dye for eco toxicological properties

A certification that assures the quality and the health and safety requirements of the textile product and the production system from which the product is born.


This section lists the names of companiesthat join For Textile certification Systems


  • Tintoria la Serena s.r.l.

    Tintoria La Serena srl is working in the textile market for more than 50 years.The core business is the dyeing of yarn on skeins or spools for third parties.TLS is located nearby Como and it is strictly linked to its famous silk district.The

  • Taroni Spa

    Taroni – The art of silkFounded in 1880 in the heart of Como, Taroni has been the leading source of couture silk fabrics.Our deep-routed relationships with the major fashion houses is a tribute to our dedication to quality and customer

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Ongoing projects

Osservatorio Distretto Tessile di Como gennaio 2022

analisi dei risultati del distretto tessile comasco nel 2021