The Laboratory is able to carry out tests related to qualitative and quantitative parameters of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, chemicals used in the textile industry, water and industrial wastewater.

  • Tests on Fibers and Yarns;
  • Tests on Fabrics and Non-woven fabrics;
  • Tests on Personal Protective Clothing and Gloves;
  • Flammability Tests;
  • Colour fastness and Dimensional Stability Tests;
  • Tests of Eco-toxicological characterization of products;
  • Fabrics and Garments care labelling Tests;
  • Tests on Water and Industrial Wastewater;
  • Chemical tests on fabrics and chemicals;
  • Colorimetric and Dyeing Tests.

The Laboratory is able to issue Conformity Certificates, to provide technical assistance and to carry out accredited tests valid for the EC Certification according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of personal protective equipment (PPE) (website)

The Laboratory is also able to carry out and manage tests plans in order to analyze problems of industrial defects (Fault Analysis).

To complete its range of tests and analyzes for the textile industry, the Laboratory can perform, with the collaboration of qualified external bodies, specific tests such as, differential thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy or other tests or analysis of particular interest for Customers.

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