Tessitura Taborelli

certified company
Certification n IT271965

Tessitura Serica A.M.Taborelli, born in 1895, is today one of Europe's largest textiles.

With more than 400 latest generation looms and various technologies (both positive and negative pliers, both mono and double warp), with heights ranging from 140 to 330 cm., with Jacquard machines reaching 24,000 shrubs and warp shrinkage that can vary from 20 to 160 threads/cm, Tessitura Taborelli can weave every kind of yarn and guarantee fast delivery for any quantity.Always available for any kind of sampling, even with very small quantities, Tessitura  Taborelli is a leading company in the production of plain fabrics and Jacquard, both raw and yarn-dyed  with a focus on the production of yarn-dyed Jacquard fabrics designed for high-fashion collections.

Thanks to the collaboration of a network of companies that enclose the entire textile chain from thread twisting to fabric finishing, Tessitura Taborelli  guarantees the highest quality standards available on the market with chain traceability.For more information, please visit www.tessiturataborelli.it 

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sito web : www.tessiturataborelli.it

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