Filanda Fratelli Serlini spa

Filanda F.lli Serlini S.p.A., having its roots since the mid-nineteenth century, is Leader in the Italian and International silk market. It is specialized in the production of raw, twisted and dyed pure silk and blended yarns and raw and degummed pure silk and blended fabrics.The administrative and commercial headquarters are in Como and the factory is located in Ospitaletto in the Brescia province.

Filanda F.lli Serlini has a wide range of ultra-modern automated doubling, twisting and winding machines that guarantee the highest quality yarn production. This machinery fleet is constantly evolving and the staff is highly qualified.

Its products are aimed at the most demanding customers looking for high quality, punctual service and a team of professionals able to meet specific market needs.

tel: +39-030-6848006/8                

fax: +39-030-6848046

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