Tintoria Pecco & Malinverno SPA

certified company
Certification n IT 246833

Tintoria Pecco & Malinverno has been founded December 3rd, 1945, and is one of the oldest dyeing companies in Como specialized in the nobilitation of thread and fabrics of noble fibers such as silk.

Today we have a large amount of machines and highly specialized and trained personnel.


We always invest on technologically advanced machinery to improve and innovate the processing processes and to reduce the environmental impact of our company. Between 2014 and 2016 we replaced the washing line behind the continuous fabrics purge, the Rameuse with a 7-stroke field suitable also for thermofixing, two jiggers and one “siluro” in the fabric dyeing department, and, still in program, is the purchase of new machinery in order to modernize the company more and more. The yarn dyeing department is supplied with many latest-generation automated dyeing machines.


We are strongly interested in sustainability and this also encourages us to look for new generation chemical products and dyes that ensure a growing respect for the environment.

We also value the well-being of our staff and are therefore committed to creating a harmonious, dynamic environment that will bring mutual collaboration.

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fax:  031 520110


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