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Certification n IT281899

Production of greige and yarn dyed fabrics made of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers for outerwear, clothing and accessories.

We offer our customers a wide variety of yarns, colors, structures and productive solutions as a basis for the development and customization of their own collection.  

Our research aims at innovating, extending and making more versatile this set of “ingredients” in order to promote creativity and innovation.

Italtex was estabilished in 1946 as a greige silk fabrics manifacturer for woman clothing and during the years, under the guidance of its founder Sandro Pedretti and then of his son Adriano, italtex became bigger in the structure and in the offer in order to follow technique and market evolutions.

Since 2003 the family new generation has entered the company, costantly committed to an innovative boost to meet the customers’ dynamic needs. in this daily research, tradition represents an important basis for innovation.

Production is entirely made in Italy in Cabiate’s establishment, which is located in the textile district of Como. in this area Italtex cooperates with the best raw material and weaving preparation suppliers.

Cabiate’s establishment is equipped with a wide and versatile production capacity, with next-generation negative and positive rapier looms, both dobby and jacquard.

Italtex products are studied to give our customers the possibility to customize their own offer, as well in the stylistic choice as in the versatility of possible processing solutions after weaving.

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