Orefice & C. sas

certified company
Certification n IT 245198

We started as a small family-run specialized laboratory in 1925 and, four generations later , we have become a leading company in the sector.

We specialize in yarn-dyed fabric finishing on ties, apparel, bags and accessories: knowhow in craftsmanship together with technological innovation always allow us to guarantee our clients the highest processing.

We collaborate with the most advanced chemical laboratories in order to produce innovative processing always in conformity with the standards for the safeguarding of the environment and safety.

Professionality and qualification have anabled us to receive on two occasions the prestigious honour of Mastro del Lavoro.

Knowhow, technological innovation and advanced equipment allow us to reach a high specialization in the yarn-dyed, ties fabrics, clothing, bags and accessories.


Our process:

  • Moirè
  • Gouffrè
  • Anti-rub finishing
  • Anti pilling finishing
  • Fix-colors finishing
  • Water-repellent finishing
  • Water-repellent (fluoro-free) finishing
  • Yarn hardening finishing
  • Oil remove washed
  • Calander gloss/ semigloss
  • Dimensional stability with thermofixing
  • Hard and soft hands
  • Weft-fixing finishing
  • Matelassè
  • Starch on the reverse process
  • Anti-mould finishing
  • Anti-microb finishing
  • Anti-mite finishing
  • Anti-smell finishing
  • Mosquito-repellent finishing
  • Flat dry-cleaning
  • Brushing process
  • Profumed finishing
  • Anti-stress finishing
  • Wash hand in tumbler
  • Dry in tumbler
  • Quality control
  • Crush finishing
  • Flat tumbler
  • Rubbery hand finishing
  • Oily hand finishing
  • Paper hand
  • Sandy hand
  • Aloe finishing
  • Cosmetics finishing

tel:                  031-450795

fax:                  031-564154

sito web:        www.oreficesas.it

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