C.E.L. SRL Unipersonale

certified company
Certification n IT243320

The company was founded in 1971 on the ashes of the old "Tessiture Seriche Bernasconi". Specialized in the dyeing of silk and fine mixed-silk, crespi, georgette, muslin, satin, silk-wool, velvets, silk-viscose, cashmere, destined for luxury women/men's clothing industry and high-end accessories.

We work with experience the best fabrics in the world by giving them life with color. With absolute respect for tradition, we use techniques such as "purga " of silk, dyes " in corda" and "in largo" and also special work as the "degradé or nuanced" and "tie and dye".

Our manufacturing unit has departments with the most advanced machines and a well-equipped R&D laboratory and a system of control of the finished fabric. All this allows to offer to the customers the widest guarantees on the quality of the tissues that are conferred.


tel:  +39.031.511473

fax:  +39.031.340716

sito web:  www.celsrl.it

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