Tintoria la Serena s.r.l.

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Certification n IT 269944

Tintoria La Serena srl is working in the textile market for more than 50 years.

The core business is the dyeing of yarn on skeins or spools for third parties.

TLS is located nearby Como and it is strictly linked to its famous silk district.

The main focus is on silk fibers, but according to market and costumers on going needs, the company has enlarged its services to other type of yarn.

It was established in 1962 by its founder Anselmo Borghi. Towards the end of the 70es, his sons Donato and Gabriele succeeded him as production manager and Ceo.


The company is located in Cantù, close to Como and its silk district. While focusing on silk fibers, TLS has built long lasting connection with companies in the surrounding area. Connections with other companies are also spread out all over Italy.


In 2001 TLS moved to a new factory, located always in Cantù area. Together with the new location, the company improved its technology assets and increased the number of dyeing equipments. It also developed a new water treatment plant, according to a better environmental support.


The mill count on two different departments: cones dyeing and skeins dyeing. Both dyeing systems are provided for threating either natural or manufactured fibers, apart from acrylic fiber.

In order to help the process, TLS counts on an internal laboratory that enable colours testing and sampling, such as quality control and solidity tests.

To complete the services offered to its customers, the company has a spinning department.

Last, but not least, TLS guarantees cooperation and direct contact to its customers, in order to create solid relations with all the parts involved in the textile chain.

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fax: 031 705498

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