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Certification n IT242898

Seride is an avant-guard company of the textile industry, in particular into the printed fabrics for clothing segment.

The founder, Bruno Luraschi, runs through all the necessary steps to acquire the experience which leads him to create an efficient machine, now point of reference to the great Italian and international brands which have always new needs and ambitious projects to be realized.

Stefano, Federica and Matteo Luraschi, are the look SERIDE has on the future.

Since the debut in ’75 and starting from the 90s SERIDE completely verticalized itself, investing in all areas of production so as to meet the different needs revolve around the printed fabrics.

Study, design, development, coloring, engraving printing screen and finishing are carried out internally and enable speed and flexibility in serving customers, from the smallest to the largest one.

Not only print: Seride performs also foiling, rotogravure printing, burn out, bonding, pleating, embossing and many type of finishing as water repellent, anti slippage, no shrink, organza, easy care etc.


Development of new designs, creation of tailored collections, color proposals are all realized by the internal staff.


Seride is present in Europe and all over the world with a direct sales network supported by territorial representative agencies. All information are available on the web site.


Seride high’s quality standardsare not limited to the finished products, but also to the working conditions, the optimization of the used energies, to the reduction of the environmental impact.

Quality as constant improvement of business processes and Customer satisfaction.

In offerting a more complete service, SERICE carries out in its internal laboratory color fastness and dimensional stability tests on all fabrics according the international standards.

The ability to innovate is an essential quality of an up-to-date company.

To opt for new technologies, new manufacturing concepts, too: in 2009 SERIDE invests to produce GREEN ENERGY, installing a photovoltaic system on its roof, equal to 200kWp, which allows a high savings of CO2 emitted into environment.

Seride take care of the social responsibility to the employees, the local communities and the Customers.

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