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Certification n IT245436

Tintseta S.r.l was born in 1982 as a Dyeing and Finishing company in the Como’s textile district. Its core business was the treatment of silk and it soon expanded to many other fabric treatments to face the rapid market transformation and to become a reality capable of dealing with most of fabrics available on the market.

Over the years Tintseta has changed into a structured business including a Traditional Printing Mill (Tintseta, Division SARA), with a strong daily capacity as well as a Digital Printing Mill (Tintseta, Division INK) provided with latest generation machineries. This evolution brought to life a very responsive and integrated group capable of giving a fully personalised service and satisfy the needs of every clients. Passion and professionalism are the company’s main values and it stands out the crowd for providing a full service of manufacturing and textile processing with a special and constant attention to the acquisition of new systems, technologies and machinery, guaranteeing a constant improvement in quality and services.

Flexibility and know-how enable the group to produce handcraft products as well as large commercial orders. The total daily capacity of the group is: 60.000 mt of united fabrics, 70.000 mt of traditional printed fabrics and from 10.000 to 25.000 of digital printed fabrics depending on type and design characteristic, all Made in Italy. As a guarantee of total quality more than 200 experts work in the three different production areas to ensure the quality of all products and procedures. For all these reasons Tintseta is recognised as “Qualified Supplier by SERICO” and by ITF. The group is also committed in the sustainability cause and it acquired different certifications such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GRS and by joining the ZDHC protocol for the MRSL compliance. It aims to guarantee the most elevated production standards and make available products with low environmental impact to their clients.


The structure is able to prepare, dye and finish natural, artificial and synthetic fabrics like silk, viscose, wool, cotton, nylon etc. both woven and knitted. Before being processed, every item is tested, and the procedure is catalogued and filed to guarantee a constant reproduction. Boiling-off and preparation techniques are different depending on the fabric quality: from the silk treatment with castile soap star boiling off to the continuous process for light silk blends. The department has exclusive treatments for open-width caustic soda, appropriate for viscose crepe which guarantees a gradual and homogeneous shrinkage and allows greater colour penetration.

The company is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated dyeing machineries (horizontal beam dyeing machines and jiggers). To minimalize environmental impact and electrical consumption a new air/water dyeing procedure has been developed. The well-equipped finishing department can create various handfeel and appearances through the most diverse processes.

The is also a modern well-equipped laboratory to ensure that all processes are correct and that the highest standards are adhered to. In addition to which, there is a strict final inspection.

The daily capacity is 60.000 daily meters.


  • Traditional Star and continuous boiling-off
  • Open-width caustic soda treatment for cellulose
  • Preparation machine for stretch fabrics


  • 1 automatic machine to measure out the chemical products and colouring
  • 1 machine for the automatic preparation of dried colouring
  • 2 Spectral photometers
  • 3 infra-red machines for lab-dip
  • 1 Water machine for lab-dip
  • 2 cabins for colour sampling
  • 1 Spray test
  • 1 Lab dryer
  • 1 Test analysis instrument (rubbing, fastness to wet and dry, crockmeter)
  • 1 Spectral photometer for water control
  • 15 Machines for small sampling (2/3 meters)


  • 25 Winch dyeing machines
  • 40 Ropes overflow (atmosphere)
  • 8 Ropes overflow (pressure)
  • 6 Horizontal beam dying machines
  • 22 Jiggers


  • 3 horizontal Bruckner Stenters
  • 1 Calendar
  • 1 Decatizing machine
  • 1 Steam-soft treatment machine
  • 2 Evener machines (airo-finishing)
  • 1 Sanford
  • 1 Singeing machine


Equipped with different machines such as tables, rotary printing machines and flat printing machines, the mill is able to print any fabric type used for Apparel, Accessories and Furnishing.

All these different techniques enable a flexible production: from the super-quality printing of small lots (handprinting) to greater quantities produced with rotary print machines within a commercial time scale as required by the large-scale as required by the large-scale distribution system. Moreover, the washing system guarantee the perfect output on different fabrics. Two latest generation robot colour kitchens guarantee the reproducibility of sampling and production orders reducing realization timing.

The daily capacity is 70.000 daily meters.


  • 3 colour rotary machines (12 colours)
  • 1 automatised colour kitchens with Spectral photometer
  • 2 Continuous-washing-system machines
  • 2 Washing machines
  • 4 Large steaming machines
  • 1 Dryers

DIGITAL PRINTING MILL- Tintseta srl div Ink

The newest member of the group represents the future of the textile printing world. Despite the recent establishment, the company has great experience in the field of digital printing gained from the expert management, staff and the most modern machinery and technology which is constantly monitored and updated. A team is always at customers’ disposal to develop exclusive designs, offering complete assistance in transferring a design onto a fabric: preparation of CDs, development of new colour ways, both with colour separation and RGB.

A variety of Colouration software enables quick response to customers’ requirements and all brand-new ink jet machines have been chosen from different suppliers and with different characteristics in order to fulfil all different requests. The latest generation is represented by a high productivity machinery which equals and, in some cases, exceeds the traditional printing performances. This enables Tintseta INK to reach high standards of competitiveness both in quality of product and service to all customers.

The daily capacity goes from 10.000 to 25.000 of digital printed fabrics depending on type and design characteristic.


  • 13 High resolutions digital print machines for furnishing, Apparel and Accessories. These machines can print reactive, acid and disperse dyes by using up t0 32 print heads.
  • 3 colour-metric software

tel:  031 483090

fax: 031 483092

web site: www.tintseta.it

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